About Us

A little something about us.

Rose City Therapeutics, located in Tualatin, OR, was formed by Jim and Jen Markovics. We work in close consultation with Dr. Carol Markovics, who is Jim’s wife and Jen’s mom, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with Play 2 Grow group with whom we all share a common goal of coordinated care. In addition to Dr. Carol, two Licensed Occupational Therapists and a Licensed Language Therapist round out the complement of providers at Play 2 Grow Developmental Therapy. We currently share office space with our colleagues at Play 2 Grow.

The neurofeedback practitioners at Rose City Therapeutics are a father and daughter team, Dr. Jim Markovics and Dr. Jen Markovics. Each works individually with clients, but they often consult each other as well as with others who are part of the EEGinfo network of practitioners who are all mentored under Sue Othmer, Clinical Director and co-founder with her husband Siegfried Othmer of EEGinfo and the Othmer Method that we use.

jim-2 Dr. Jim received his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Rochester in 1977. He worked as a scientist at Xerox Corporation until his retirement as a Principal Scientist in 2007. He trained as a neurofeedback practitioner using the Othmer Method in 2011 and has been working with clients in collaboration with Dr. Carol, his wife, since late 2011.

jen-2 Dr. Jen received her Ph.D. in Molecular, Cell, Developmental and Biochemical Biology from the University of Pittsburgh in 2005. She then served as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California at San Francisco from 2005-2010, then as a postdoctoral fellow at Celgene Corporation from 2010-2013. She trained as a neurofeedback practitioner using the Othmer Method in 2014 and has been working with clients since then.

Dr. Carol received her Ph.D. in Developmental and Clinical Psychology from the University of Rochester in 1974. She has been working as a clinical psychologist for over 40 years. Her primary area of focus has been working with children, especially children with special needs including autism, attention deficit disorder and learning disabilities. She is vice president of the Board of Directors at Northwest Autism Foundation and has been active within the State as a strong advocate for treatments, therapies, and early intervention aimed at helping children and adults with autism. She has recently been named to the Behavioral Analysis Regulatory Board.