Pricing and Payment


We now can accept Oregon Health Plan insurance, specifically HealthShare/Care Oregon/Providence and Yamhill CCOs, or OHP-Plus as a secondary insurance. We cannot take other insurance at this time, but we can provide “Superbills” for you to submit to your insurance so you can try to get reimbursed for our services.

Our out-of-pocket prices are indicated below.

Free Consultation

We changed to all virtual consultations using GoToMeeting, which is a HIPAA-compliant, virtual conference app. You can download the app or open the link that I send to you in a browser if you don’t want to download the app. Please let us know if you prefer to come in to the office for the consultation – we can also make that happen!

Here is a link to schedule a free 30-min consultation:


Neurcounseling sessions are 55 min long and can be virtual (using GoToMeeting) or in-person at our office in Tualatin, OR.

  • $145/session†

Neuro-Behavioral Therapy

Neurobehavioral therapy sessions are 55 min long and must be in-person at our office in Tualatin, OR due to the nature of the work.

  • $145/session†


Intake Session

(1.5 hours w/ interview, Symptom Assessment, & QIK-CPT, and 10-25 min of direct neurofeedback time): $215

Regular Neurofeedback Session

(50-60 minutes including 30-40 minutes direct feedback time) $145/session†

Note: we do not recommend single visit “trials” of neurofeedback, for several reasons; instead we recommend at least a set of ten sessions to start the training process:
• Othmer Method neurofeedback requires an iterative approach to optimize its effect.
• Neurofeedback can trigger instabilities such as headaches or sadness; if these occur, it is important to address and reverse these effects as soon as possible.
• Single session changes in symptoms, without further re-enforcement through repeated training, will not last.

Discounted Series

20-session contract = $215 intake + $125/session = $2715 [sessions must be completed within 7 months]

40-session contract = $215 intake + $115/session = $4815 [sessions must be completed within 1 year]

†Due at time service is rendered.

Payment Options

We know that it can be difficult to pay for these services all at once, so we have designed a few different payment options that are popular with clients. We will also work with individual clients to help them design a payment plan that meets their specific needs.

Please be aware that we do not do refunds, so consider this when choosing a payment plan (i.e., there’s no benefit in paying the full amount at the start unless you are committed to the full process and do not want to worry about making payments throughout).

How to pay:

  • In full at start of series
  • In two installments for the 20-Session series:
    • $1,357.50 at the Intake Session and 12th sessions
  • In three installments for the 40-Session series:
    • $1,605 at the Intake Session, 14th, and 28th sessions
  • Progressive Payment Plan [most popular]
    • Pay full rate ($215/Intake; $145/regular) at each session until full value of package reached; remaining sessions of package are then pre-paid.
    • Package Paid-up session # is at
      • 17 (+$35) for the 20 session series
      • After you’ve paid for the 20-sessions, you pay $125/session from session #21-38 (-$25) for the 40 session series

Brain Map and Functional Assessment

The brain map or spontaneous/background quantitative electroencephalogram [QEEG] takes only 6 minutes in which time the data can be captured, while the functional assessment or event-related potentials [ERP] analysis can take anywhere between 15-45 min depending on the task. Setup takes 45 min to an hour and clean-up for the client only takes 5-10 min. Therefore, we generally block out 1.5-2 hours for the brain map and functional assessment.

The analysis of the brain map and functional assessment can take months if there is a lot of significant data to be analyzed. Some brains have very little information to be analyzed via the brain map and may have completely within-the-norms ERPs, which does not require much research to analyze. That analysis could be done relatively quickly and the turnaround could take less than a month. However, other brains may be a lot more complex with multiple, significant abnormalities that need to be analyzed and thoroughly researched for the most up-to-date information. Those analyses can take more than a month and may take up to 6 months to complete due to the thoroughness in which I pride my reports to be. Therefore, the price of the brain map/functional assessment depends on the level of analysis required, which depends on the number of significant abnormalities in the brain as discovered in the QEEG/ERP data.

The cost will be determined by how much time is necessary to complete the in-depth analysis, and whether or not you would like a written report.

This is the range of prices for the brain map and functional assessment:

  • $450 for a verbally presented report only, or for the simplest analysis in a written report
  • $850 for the most complex analysis in a written report