We offer fee-for-service training sessions; while some insurance companies may cover biofeedback procedures (neurofeedback is also known as EEG biofeedback), we do not accept third-party payments. The individual client may submit an insurance claim to their insurance provider for direct compensation to client of client fees paid to us, but we can offer no guarantee of coverage

Free Consultation

Phone (15-30 min) or in-office (30-60 min)

Intake Session

(2 hours w/ interview, Symptom Assessment, & QIK-CPT, and 15-25 min of direct neurofeedback time): $200

Regular Neurofeedback Session

(50-60 minutes including 30-40 minutes direct feedback time) $125/session†

Note: we do not recommend single visit “trials” of neurofeedback, for several reasons; instead we recommend at least a set of ten sessions to start the training process:
• Othmer Method neurofeedback requires an iterative approach to optimize its effect.
• Neurofeedback can trigger instabilities such as headaches or sadness; if these occur, it is important to address and reverse these effects as soon as possible.
• Single session changes in symptoms, without further re-enforcement through repeated training, will not last.

Contract plans

20-session contract = $175 intake + $100/session = $2175 [sessions must be completed within 7 months]

40-session contract = $175 intake + $85/session = $3575 [sessions must be completed within 1 year]

*We also offer reduced payments for lower income clients with demonstrable need.
†Due at time service is rendered.

Payment Options for Contract Plans


We know that it can be difficult to pay for these services all at once, so we have designed a few different payment options that are popular with clients. We will also work with individual clients to help them design a payment plan that meets their specific needs.

  • In full at start of series
  • In two installments for the 20-Session series:
    • $1,125 at the Intake Session, (includes the intake and 10 regular sessions)
    • $1,050 at the 12th session.
  • In three installments for the 40-Session series:
    • $1,192 at the Intake Session and 14th session
    • $1,192 at the 28th sessions
  • Progressive Payment Plan:
    • Pay full rate ($175/Intake; $125/regular) at each session until full value of package reached; remaining sessions of package are then pre-paid.
    • Package Paid-up session # is at
      • 16 for 20 session series
      • 34 for 40 session series